What Do You Mean By Marital Settlement And Divorce Decree?

Statistics reported that around 690,000 couples file for divorce yearly. Understanding the steps & paperwork involved in a divorce is essential if you & your partner consider filing for one. This may be a difficult journey, often made more so by its related emotions.


When you consider the elements of official separation, such as a divorce order & marriage settlement agreement, things get much more complex. Therefore, contact a Texas family law firm if you do not want to make your divorce complex.


What are the differences between a marital settlement and a divorce decree?


A marital settlement agreement describes why you have decided to dissolve your marriage. Usually, it includes lots of different logistical data, including:


  • How you are going to split up your shared property
  • How you want to divide up child custody 
  • How you want to manage a family company
  • Who will look after the family’s pets?


These are all essential variables to consider because they can impact the final result of these essential components of a single home breaking into two. In the lack of defined legal norms, issues such as child custody & joint property can get problematic. When the time comes to implement those changes, everything is laid out in this comprehensive schedule to ensure no confusion. 


Who makes it?


It is highly recommended to prepare your marriage settlement agreement with an attorney. Furthermore, if your spouse’s lawyer has prepared it, you should have it examined by an attorney (on your behalf) to ensure that the appropriate legal provisions have been added, removed, or altered to protect your rights.


What is a divorce decree?


The marriage settlement agreement can be viewed as the very first thing required in a divorce. 

On the other hand, a divorce decree officially states that you are separated in the eyes of the law.


You will both hire an attorney to sort out issues & come to an agreement. If a settlement cannot be achieved, family court will be needed. After meeting with all parties, the presiding judge will decide how the marital settlement agreement will be executed. 


Uncontested divorce


The process is much simpler in an uncontested divorce. First, to complete your marriage settlement agreement, you & your spouse will meet with an attorney alone. 


Your lawyer is going to file an absolute divorce complaint. Simple information regarding you, your partner, & your kids will be included in your complaint, along with proof that you have signed a marital settlement agreement. A judge will then go over the specifics included in the complaint. They will sign your final divorce decree if they believe everything is in order.