What are the 5G Phones That You Can Buy?

5G Phones

A 5g mobile phone should be your replacement device. It is the newest technology that should be pursued if you are going to seek a new phone today. But which one should you buy? HONOR manufactures the best 5G phones in the market. Not only do you get 5G technology but you will also have additional features offered by these devices. Here are the 5G phones that you can consider for your next device.

The 5G Phones That You Should Get

HONOR Magic5 Lite 5G

The HONOR Magic5 Lite 5G is the little brother of the HONOR Magic5 Pro. But the features of this device are still powerful. It is still a 5g mobile phone. When you buy the HONOR Magic5 Lite 5G, you also get the 120Hz OLED curved display, 2-day battery life, 6GB RAM plus 5GB turbo, 7.9mm slim body, and the 64MP triple camera. This is quite impressive for a lite version of a flagship device. The 120Hz display is great for playing games and watching videos. You also get the 800 nits full brightness on the screen.

The Magic5 Lite is a very durable product. This is true for all products from HONOR. It has passed the Marble Drop Test, Random Roll Test, Squeeze Test, and Steel Ball Impact Test. You are sure to get a reliable smartphone that will last a long time because of the strength of the material and the toughness of the whole form.

HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G

If you have the budget, you should definitely go for the HONOR MAgic5 Pro 5G. The cameras of this device produce spectacular images with bright colors and deep contrasts. The brand states that it has the all-new Eye of Muse camera setup that shows the sophistication of the device.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G sports a quad-curved floating screen with an ultra-dynamic True color display. This phone has a 120Hz refresh rate with 1.07 billion colors and 461 PPI pixel density. 

The phone also has eye protection features that you can maximize when you are using it. it has a 2160Hz high-frequency PWM Dynamic Dimming technology and the Circadian Night Display. It gives you a comfortable view of the display so that your eyes will not be strained even if you use it during the night.


Three of the best features of the HONOR 90 are the 200MP Ultra-Clear camera, the quad-curved eye-comfort display, and the 12GB RAM. This also comes with a 512GB storage.

What really stands out with the HONOR 90 is the camera. Where else can you see a camera that has a 200MP main lens? You also get a 50MP selfie camera and the HONOR Image engine.

This phone also gets the PWM Dimming and the 5-fold eye protection feature. Your eyes will also be protected with this device.

In terms of battery, you have the 5000mAh high energy density battery. This means that you will get a full day’s work on a single charge of this device.

The HONOR 90 has gotten the EISA Award for the best product in 2023. It is the Best Buy Smartphone of the year.

5G Phones


Your new device should have 5G technology. Companies will continue to innovate and the signal for data will level up in the coming years. In line with this, if you are going to buy a new device, you might as well get a 5g mobile phone. It is just amazing to see the number of different options that are available in the market today. HONOR produces a variety of products that are equipped with 5G technology. Check the devices on the list and determine which one fits your budget and suits your lifestyle.