Top 10 Movie Stars Who Switched to Being in Streaming Shows

Gone are the days when there was a common notion that those who got to the big screen were proven to be star celebrities. or they get more recognition than TV actors. 

It was considered orthodox and something a bad sign if, once in a blue moon, the movie star appeared on a small screen. Further, it was also thought that the appearance might signal the decline in their pretentious movie career. 

 Every sector of the digital world has revolutionized. So is the entertainment industry. With plenty of streaming platforms available, the viewers, as well as the actors, have got a lot on their plates. 

The reason why the popular prominent actors are opting for the small screen is the diversity it offers. Furthermore, the screen time is more on smaller screens.

This way, the viewers also get to see more of their favorite actors on the screen. With the help of easy-to-access streaming platforms. Hulu is doing great in bringing the best shows to the audience with the star-studded shows. 

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without further ado, let’s go ahead and find out which famous star migrated from the Big screen to the small one. 

Nicole Kidman 

Nicole Kidman is a well-known movie actress who started her successful career in Hollywood by starring in the top movies like Batman Forever. Further, she also starred in the hit movies such as Moulin Rouge! And The Hours. These epic roles made her presence in Hollywood eminent and gave her extraordinary fame among her fans. 

But these didn’t stop her from stepping into the world of shows. She proved her skills and gained immense fame even by playing roles in the series that went straight hit, such as Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers. She was even awarded a Primetime Emmy Award. 

Steve Martin 

Steve Martin is a multi-talented entertainer. He is known for his acting, music, and comedy skills. He initially started his journey with the movies called “The Jerk” and “The Father of the Bride.” And has even got the opportunity to host the Academy Awards. 

But what is intriguing is that Hulu did it! It successfully brought this popular actor to the small screen. He plays the role in “The Only Murder in the Building.” which seems like his first and last small screen appearance. So, don’t miss out on the chance to catch this star on Hulu.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is a prominent name and is popular among young as well as old movie lovers. since she starred in the series called “The Stranger Things.” And backed outstanding roles in movies like Girl, Interrupted, Little Women, and Edward. 

But her portrayal as Joyce Byers gave her enormous fame on the silver screen, too. 

Julia Roberts 

The beautiful actress is known for her iconic roles in outstanding movies like “Erin Brockovich”  and “Pretty Women.” She cemented her position in the world of Hollywood. But this is not it. 

She made a bold move and entered the silver screen by doing a stellar performance on the show Homecoming. It is a captivating and thrilling show which she nailed it. 

Jennifer Aniston 

Jennifer Aniston is a major movie star who made her impeccable mark in Hollywood. She worked in the movies and an epic show, “F.R.I.E.N.D.S,” whose frenzy has prevailed globally.  And recently joined the actors who debuted small screen roles and completely rocked it. 

She did a role as Alex Levy in the series “The Morning Show” and won a Screen Actors Guild Award for it. 

Emma Stone

The beautiful and charming actress who has been seen in the Spiderman movie and won The Oscars for the film “La La Land’. Who thought that you would catch up with her on the small screen? Well, you can give a treat yourself and watch her on Netflix’s dark comedy miniseries  “Maniac.” 

Matthew McConaughey

All known for his amazing roles in films like “Dallas Buyers Club” and Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar.” he paved his way to the small screen. And he completely lived up to the expectations. 

Moreover, His role in the series “True Detective” proved that he is impeccable on both platforms. 

Chris Hemsworth

Everyone knows and applauds this gentleman from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He did well in Movies and proved himself to do wonders even on a small screen. Furthermore, he got to play a role in the series called “Extraction.” where he played the role of Tyler Rake, a black-market mercenary. 

And pulled this role well by showcasing his immaculate skills in providing action-packed content.

Amy Adams 

The stunning actress who started off a successful career with movies like Drop Dead Gorgeous and Enchanted. Made a mark in the TV industry too. By flaunting her skills on the limited series on HBO. “Sharp Objects,” where she played the role of Camille Parker.

She once again proved her ability to shift between Films and series effortlessly. 

Penelope Cruz

This amazing and stunning actress has already made her name on the big screen by starring in notable films like Pain and Glory, Volver, and Vanilla Sky. She already won an Oscar for her exceptional acting skills. 

She later showed her skills on the small screen, too, by playing the role of Donatella Versace in American Crime Story, The Assassination of Gianni Versace. 

Wrapping Up 

Lastly, All these incredible actors have effortlessly shifted from the big screen to the small screen. And proved yet again that a true talent doesn’t need a giant curtain. Instead, they are the ones who can make even a small platform a massive hit.