Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints for November 26, 2023 – Puzzle 890

Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints for November 26, 2023 – Puzzle 890

Welcome to trendy Wordle answer and guidelines for November 26, 2023! If you’re a fan of phrase puzzles and are seeking out a challenge, you’ve got come to the right area. Wordle is a famous video game where gamers have to wager a five-letter word by way of the usage of recommendations furnished after each wager. Let’s dive into state-of-the-art puzzle and spot if we are able to crack the code!

The Wordle Puzzle

Today’s Wordle puzzle consists of a 5-letter phrase that you need to bet efficiently. The word is a commonplace English word, and the suggestions provided will assist you narrow down the opportunities. Remember, you handiest have six tries to bet the phrase effectively, so select your letters wisely!

The Hints

Here are the guidelines for latest Wordle puzzle:

Hint 1: The first letter of the phrase is ‘S’.
Hint 2: The second letter of the word is a vowel.
Hint three: The 0.33 letter of the word is ‘R’.
Hint four: The fourth letter of the phrase is a consonant.
Hint 5: The 5th letter of the word is ‘T’.

These pointers need to help you’re making an knowledgeable guess and narrow down the opportunities. Remember, the order of the letters subjects, so take note of the hints furnished!

How to Play Wordle

If you are new to Wordle and want to join in at the amusing, here’s a way to play:

  • Visit the Wordle internet site or app.
  • Enter your bet for the 5-letter phrase.
  • After every guess, the game will provide pointers to help you slim down the opportunities.
  • Continue guessing till you either crack the code or run out of tries.

Wordle is a first rate way to project your word abilities and feature a few fun within the process. It’s a sport that calls for both logic and vocabulary information, making it a really perfect brain teaser for word fans.


So, are you geared up to tackle present day Wordle puzzle? Remember to apply the pointers provided to make an educated guess and crack the code. Whether you are a seasoned Wordle participant or new to the game, it’s usually thrilling to test your word-solving abilities. Good good fortune, and have fun!