The Science Behind Freeze Pipes

A glycerin coil infused into a borosilicate glass hand pipe creates a cooling effect by reducing the harshness of your hit. Glycerin is a non-toxic liquid that often makes its way into our foods and can also be found in moisturizers and soaps.

1. Glycerin Coil

Glycerin is a sweet-tasting, non-toxic liquid that can cool your smoke without diluting its natural flavors. As a result, when you use a glycerin pipe, the cooling effect lasts longer than traditional ice-based cooling, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your sessions for much longer before needing to replace the glycerin coil or restock ice cubes.

Many freeze pipes feature a separate freezer-safe glycerin coil section that you can store in the fridge before using. This lowers the likelihood of breakage, as glycerin doesn’t expand when frozen, unlike water.

The upper portion of the glycerin coil is then inserted into the rest of the glass bong, acting as an even fancier version of a regular ice catcher and delivering an extraordinarily smooth and chilled hit. Because the glycerin chamber cools the smoke by up to 300 degrees, each pull is as smooth as can be. It’s a must-have for smokers who prefer a cooler and smoother smoking experience.

2. Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is a durable, clear glass type with many practical applications. It is made from silica and boron trioxide, which makes it extremely heat resistant. It can be heated to very high temperatures without cracking or shattering. It also has good chemical durability and is resistant to acid and other corrosive substances.

The thermal properties of borosilicate glass make it the perfect material for making lab equipment and cookware. It can be transferred from a hot oven to a cold countertop without cracking or breaking. It is also microwave and dishwasher-safe, which gives it extra versatility.

Borosilicate glass is also better for the environment than plastic water bottles and food containers. Plastic bottles are made from petroleum and end up in landfills, lakes, or oceans, where they can damage wildlife. Borosilicate glasses are made from natural materials and are recyclable. They will last a lifetime if they are properly cared for.

3. Freeze Pipes

freeze pipe is a new type of hand pipe that uses a frozen glycerin coil to deliver ice-cold smoke. It is an excellent alternative to adding ice cubes to a bong and can give you a cleaner, more enjoyable toke.

4. Buying a Freeze Pipe

Purchasing a freeze pipe is one of the most unique ways to experience cannabis. This hand pipe device features a glass bowl, honeycomb percolator, and glycerin chamber. It’s a great addition to any smoker’s collection because it looks amazing and offers a cool hit that doesn’t burn the throat like other alternatives.

You can even get a freeze pipe with an e-nail attachment. This allows you to vaporize your favorite concentrates right from the glass bowl of your freeze pipe. This device will also give you a more controlled and accurate way to enjoy your favorite herbs.

This new technology is a must-have for every stoner. It is easy to use, and it’s better than adding ice cubes to your pipes, which can break them. The glycerin inside of the pipe provides a cool toke and helps you avoid burning your throat on inhale.