Tech Innovations for Commercial Vehicle Tracking: GPS Solutions for Business Growth

The fleet and vehicles owned by a company are an essential part of the business operations and growth. They are critical for boosting supply chain practices, logistics, warehousing, customer services, and ensuring the availability of goods in time. For full efficiency, you need a GPS to monitor the vehicle’s performance to boost its significant contribution to business growth.

Installing GPS in the fleet can be significant for boosting business growth. It is critical for shaping supply chain system growth, asset management, and other activities relevant to organizational performance. The software enables you to monitor the vehicle location, driver action, maintenance schedule, route scheduling, fuel consumption and other elements critical for boosting business development. Here are some GPS trackers ideal for boosting fleet management for business growth.

1.    RAM Tracking

If you need the best company vehicle gps tracking and fleet tracking system for your trucks and other vehicles, RAM tracking is one of the best GPS tracking solutions to consider. It is ideal for large organizations and companies operating a fleet for online shopping deliveries. It has various features and capabilities that make it ideal for such needs and tracking all the vehicles at once

First, geofencing and route scheduling features enable you to monitor and track the cars. First, the system is connected to a cloud analytics platform to process all collected data. From the analytics data and reports, it enables companies to engage in strategies such as route scheduling.

Tracking systems are ideal for boosting customer services and growth in various ways. Using the route analysis and geofencing features, RAM tracking enables you to minimize the vehicles operating in the designated areas, boosting faster delivery and avoiding time wastage. Due to faster deliveries, the business can attract new customers, thereby increasing market share. For instance, in case of any issues, the notification feature will notify you of the disruptions enabling you to inform customers of potential delays.

Using the live behavior monitoring and notification features, you can always monitor the drivers to ensure they drive safely to their destination. These features are critical for avoiding delays due to accidents and related expenses affecting business profitability.

Another feature is the live monitoring features and real-time tracking features. This enables you to share this live information through online shopping apps. The live location details are critical for customers to track the movement of their parcels hence better customer service.

2.    Verizon Connect Fleet Management

Verizon GPS has features ideal for business growth by boosting asset management, supply chain efficiency and other needs. The first capability is the data collection system which enables businesses to collect fleet data and analyze the reports. This is ideal for creating a dashboard to monitor the action of every driver to boost efficiency.

Ideally, they have dash cams which monitor the driver to ensure they have sufficient rest and follow traffic guidelines to avoid accidents and disruptions, which can affect warehousing and product stocking. Another ideal report is the weather and traffic notifications report which can inform the driver about weather reports on the roads ahead. This is critical for changing routes to avoid weather impacts. The traffic notification is ideal for avoiding traffic jams that can lead to delays.

Once you install Verizon Connect GPS, you can integrate it with other data such as vehicle maintenance. Once fed with the data, the system will inform you when the vehicle is due for repairs and maintenance. Constant and regular repairs and maintenance are critical for extending asset lifespan and managing all the company assets to support growth.

3.    Samsara GPS Tracker

If you are replacing your fleet with EV vehicles, Smasara GPS trackers are the best trackers to consider. You can also use them for hybrid vehicles since they contain data about charging stations, power availability and other aspects significant for operating EVs and hybrids.

As part of their sustainability focus, the system has various features to boost driver safety and reduce energy consumption. First, you can monitor the car’s live location and movement to avoid drivers drifting to other activities besides the main goal.

Additionally, they are fitted with dash cams to monitor the drivers 24/7. Once installed, you can integrate it with the vehicle systems, such as GPS and screens for safety.

4.    GPS Trackit

For smaller businesses or SMEs in need of an effective tracking system, this is the best system to consider. First, it is affordable, enabling businesses to spend less on vehicle tracking. Their packages are divided into various segments, such as the basics and additional.

The basics include GPS tracking, notification systems, real-time driver location, and data sharing. You also get a dashboard to control maintenance monitoring, fuel efficiency and route optimization. This is critical for avoiding expenses related to delays caused by accidents or drivers deviating from their scheduled routes.

Through maintenance monitoring, you can ensure the vehicles are in the right condition to accomplish their roles and avoid uncertainties such as breakdowns. In the additional package, you get extra features to select based on your needs. This includes features like video telematics and asset tracking. Video telematics lets you get live driver behavior feeds and asset tracking, which is essential for monitoring asset movement and employee activities.


GPS tracking systems are suitable for business growth and development in various. They are integral for supporting logistics, supply chain, customer services, and other activities critical for business growth. Once installed, they enable you to reduce business expenses; hence you can redirect the capital to other business growth ventures. Finally, you need GPS systems to ensure supply chain and delivery efficiency critical for supporting business growth, especially for e-commerce companies.