Soundcore Motion+ Review: Specification and Sound Quality

Soundcore Motion

Soundcore has created an impeccable reputation over the years as it became one of the most popular brands when it comes to gadget accessories that particularly involve audio systems. Some examples of their popular brands include wired earphones and headphones and wireless earbuds and headphones. But today I will talk about one of their best-selling Bluetooth speakers which is the Soundcore Motion+. And one of the reasons why it is gaining positive traction with consumers is its sleek but minimalistic design. It also has the most stunning audio quality and an outstanding and stable connection. However, it is not particularly the most affordable Bluetooth speaker available to you. But if you are considering getting your hands on the Soundcore Motion+ but are a little hesitant about the idea, then this short but informative blog is specially written to accommodate your queries. In this blog, I will share with you the important specifics of the Motion+ brand and help you determine why they are a bang for your buck. So without delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion…

Soundcore Motion+: Design and Form Factor

Soundcore Motion+ is a semi-portable Bluetooth speaker which makes its size perfect for indoor entertainment or outdoor activities. However, you have to bear in mind that it is not portable enough for carrying in commutes or hiking, perhaps. It has a simple but modern design with a single brand logo on the center of the speakers that is barely noticeable. It features a semi-conical shape as well where the speakers are situated on both sides and a longer one on the front. The functional buttons like the power button, Bluetooth pairing mode, volume button, and forward and backward functions are located on the top of the wireless, while the auxiliary ports are located in the back corner of the unit. When it comes to the form factor, the unit is certified with an IPX7 waterproof and highly water-resistant which is why the unit is perfect for outdoor events and you no don’t have to ruminate over it if it suddenly rains or a huge glass of drink is spilled over it

Soundcore Motion+: Sound Quality and Overall Performance

The Souncore Motion+ wireless speaker is equipped with an ultra-high-resolution sound that is enhanced by Qualcomm’s aptX and produces stunning sounds that are characterized by its high-volume sounds and intense bass. In other words, it has the quality of a full-blown sound system with the only difference being that the Soundcore Motion+ is super portable which is why the device is the perfect companion for outdoor or indoor parties. It is also worth mentioning that the sound quality features neodymium woofers, two sets of 40kHz ultra-high frequency tweeters, and a passive radiator that is capable of generating 30W powerful audio quality that can fill up an entire room with rich and stunning sounds.

Soundcore Motion+: Other Notable Features to Take Note Of

Other features of the Soundcore Motion+ that you have to take into consideration are it supports Bluetooth 5.0 and above, USB-C charging, and a customizable equalizer that allows you to modify the audio features through a dedicated mobile application you can install and download in your smartphone or other smart device. Furthermore, you will surely appreciate that it allows you to pair multiple Soundcore Motion+ in one device for a louder and more powerful bass.

Soundcore Motion+: Battery Life

The Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker has a compact but reliable battery capacity that provides users with a 12-hour long of non-stop music whether you are on the go or at home relaxing. In addition, you can also use the Bluetooth speaker as it is charging.

Soundcore Motion+: Final Thoughts and Overall Value for Money

The bottom line is that the Soundcore Motion+ is a good value for money, and it is a little pricey for a Bluetooth speaker for a very good reason as well. And I am sure for the price point of the unit, you are definitely getting your money’s worth with the Soundcore Motion+. First off, it features high-quality sounds that are enhanced by Qualcomm’s aptX that generates intense bass. You will also get a dedicated mobile application that allows you to tweak the device that suits your preferences. If you are interested in buying the Soundcore Motion+, they are also currently offering the unit under the cyber monday bluetooth speaker promo which gives you the opportunity to own this device for a hefty discount.