Neo-Traditional Lighting Tips to Bring the Best Out of Your Home 

Neo-traditional design language flaunts a fine blend of the conventional and contemporary. Neo-traditional is a design language not many will be familiar with but it has recently emerged as a popular choice among homeowners. While new homeowners have been keen on using the design language in their homes, the share of homeowners wanting to make a switch to neo-traditional decor from their current theme is definitely high. 

Neo-traditional lighting can completely change the face of your space if planned the right way. We bring to a couple of lighting ideas that will help you embrace this design language with ease and give your home a new flavour. 

Symmetry and consistency play a key role

Neo-traditional design language always makes an impression with its classy touch and bulky fixtures. Symmetry and clean lines are one of the most important characteristics of a neo-traditional layout. You have to make sure that the decorative lights you install in the space are seamlessly bringing the classic elements with contemporary flair. You can opt for chandeliers with a modern twist, combining classic crystal designs with sleek, updated finishes. Pendant lights with intricate detailing can become focal points, infusing sophistication into any room. Consider wall sconces adorned with neo-traditional motifs to add a touch of vintage charm.

Enhance the ambience with these designs

Table lamps and floor lamps are both perfect for enhancing your ambience. Since, neo-traditional design is all about that grandeur, we would recommend going with floor lamps. Floor lamps are not just functional; they are design statements in a neo-traditional setting. Choose floor lamps with ornate bases and classic silhouettes to complement the overall aesthetic. Strategically place them in reading nooks, beside accent chairs, or in corners to create warm pockets of light.