Is it Safe to Use Acne Wash for Face During Pregnancy?

There’s no getting around the fact that when women go through pregnancy, it can make acne worse. With so many hormones racing around the body as it’s creating the miracle of life, those pimples and zits can go into overdrive. Naturally, people turn to acne wash for face to combat the problem during normal circumstances, but are benzoyl peroxide (BP) products safe enough for expectant mothers?

You don’t want anything to cause a problem during pregnancy, and certain other acne control products aren’t advisable to use. So, let’s take a look at what’s okay and what’s not. 

So, Which Types of Acne Wash For Face Should Be Avoided?

During pregnancy, benzoyl peroxide acne wash for face products are typically okay, so long as they’re only used in small doses. Your doctor will likely tell you that you should avoid them completely unless you’ve got severe acne, so it’s a call that can be made on a case-by-case basis. 

Other options your dermatologist may suggest are antibiotic and azelaic acid products, but again, it’s a person-to-person decision. There are, in any case, a few acne-control items simply ought to certainly control clear of, such as isotretinoin, retinoids and creams tall in salicylic corrosive.

Like BP washes, salicylic acid treatments are okay to use sometimes when it’s for a short period of time, but it can be difficult to judge accurately. Again, a doctor’s advice might be needed. 

Other Ways to Stay On Top of Acne During Pregnancy

With all this instability around which sorts of skin break out wash you’ll use, you may be pondering whether you’ve got to fair put up with skin break out to be on the secure side. Really, you do not, as there are a number of things you’ll do to keep your skin generally blemish-free.

They include:

  • Use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser no more than twice per day.
  • Avoid using cloths made from rough fabrics. Instead, either use a soft cloth to wash your skin or your hands.
  • Buy non-comedogenic or ‘oil-free’ moisturizers to prevent clogged pores. 
  • Never, ever…ever pick your spots. It might feel mildly satisfying for a moment, but squeezing or scratching them will just spread around what’s inside and cause more problems. 
  • Use water-based makeup products rather than those with oil as their base. They may also be labelled as non-comedogenic. 
  • Always remember to take off your makeup before hitting the hay. 

Acne Wash For Face Is Sometimes OK During Pregnancy

So, as we’ve seen, there are some occasions when using over-the-counter acne products is okay during pregnancy, but it’s always best to be cautious. We’d always recommend talking to your doctor about it if you’re unsure, as there’s nothing more precious than an unborn child. 

If it is deemed too risky to use any of the acne washes by your doctor, be sure to employ the tips we offered above. They may seem like minor steps, but following them all can tip the balance in your favor and ensure you don’t have to put up with troublesome breakouts when you’re expecting, as you have enough to worry about!